Thailand Is The Worst Country To Visit

[Music],[Music],this is by far the most personal video,of every Maiden and I spent a very long,time thinking about whether I should,actually make it and then I I came to,the conclusion that I should because the,things that happened are just so,important to me and also I really want,to remember them and obviously seeing,them come alive and and this thing I,guess is it's very important to me so,here it is a year and a half ago I went,to this city in south of Spain called,Granada,where I met this girl called the niala,that was just such a magical thing I was,completely astonished the Thailand Packages only thing I,could think about was Wow,you know Wow and that's when the whole,thing started after a month I had to,leave Spain and she had to stay to study,so I traveled to quite a few different,places in Europe Asia and northern,Africa and then I flew all the way back,to Spain to meet her present Daniela was,until you to Jacob that she's gonna miss,him and she'll see him soon I remember,being so happy and dancing when I got,home and stuff,[Applause],but then she had to fly all the way back,home to the United States to continue,her studies and as a result I continued,traveling and then we came up with this,idea to catch up in Mexico so she flew,to Mexico from the US and I flew to,Mexico from Europe and we finally met,again then we both went back home for,Christmas and really wanted to catch up,as soon as possible so we both made our,way to Italy that's when we actually,started dating officially a beautiful,rose awesome Bangladeshi seller,Bangladesh with the wind it was so good,so it was beautiful,after that she once again had to go back,home and while I continued traveling to,a lot of different places in Asia and,eventually made my way all the way to,the US where were once again caught up,and and spent a couple of weeks together,with her family getting to know everyone,and stuff after that experience her her,parents said that I was okay I guess and,and and we finally were ready to do,something we had always dreamed of doing,ever since the day we met and that was,to travel in Asia together,and so together we flew all the way to,Bangkok where we finally started our,Southeast Asia adventure which was one,of the most beautiful trips of my life,[Music],[Laughter],I wanted to show the Neil at the best of,Bangkok's so the first place I took her,to was of course a tall roof in the,center of the city how do you like,Bangkok so far I like it what do you,like about it,you the following night the Neela forgot,she was a fan of Taif with an opted for,something a little more familiar then we,used some local transport and arrived to,pension abuti one of my favorite towns,in Thailand the reason I love it so much,is because it features a beautiful,Buddhist temple a very old bridge built,during World War two a gorgeous river,and most importantly the coolest,waterfalls in Thailand,[Music],[Music],a day later we hopped on a train while,we slept as cozy as ever and found,ourselves on a ferry heading towards one,of the most beautiful islands in Pilon,costs Emily look at the size of that,statue what,say something apart from large Chinese,god statue Samui is also known for its,new ponds treetop restrooms Buddhist,monuments fire shows and it's incredible,white sand beaches which apparently we,definitely took advantage of,[Music],[Music],[Music],we're probably on the same page on quite,a few things except for the beach I'm,having a good time though,we made it a point not to rush anywhere,in some way and relax victim which,worked out just fine,[Music],early next morning we hopped on a,thirty-eight bus any plane and found,ourselves in Hanoi the capital of,Vietnam Hanoi located on the banks of,the Red River is one of the most ancient,capitals in the world where you can find,well-preserved colonial buildings,ancient pagodas and unique museums,within walking distance from the city,centre as much as we loved exploring,Hanoi that we had something better in,mind a day later we got ourselves a cool,off-road bike and went on the Neela's,first-ever motorbike trip okay I'm,excited hopefully we're not gonna crash,because it's her first time and if we,crash it's gonna be kind of a negative,experience maybe I'll do my best to,leave the Vietnamese riders Bulow's,would be nice,[Music],our first stop was the ancient village,of limits which features dozens of,restaurants serving yes you guessed it,snake meat look at that there's all,these jars of snakes and this thing and,those things as well crazy there's,literally hundreds dude what apparently,they're always sneak whiner sneak one,there's only this but sous camera look,at those snakes oh man,the owners of that particular restaurant,had agreed to show us how they cook the,snake meat and as interesting as the,process was the meat itself wasn't,necessarily to popular among the,clientele oh that's a positive face,however the roads were so beautiful they,made us forget the snake meat in no time,any comments crazy girlfriend I like it,the next morning it was raining so hard,we had enough time to make friends with,the hotel's own okay in retrospect that,might have been the owners granddaughter,but one way or another the skies cleared,and once again the road we wrote through,small towns gorgeous fries fields and,sketchy hanging Reggie's old while being,surrounded by breathtaking nature all,around us so we've been taking these,mountain roads for the whole day,now what all the views around us are,apparently completely incredible because,we're finally in the mountains in these,remote parts of northern Vietnam it's,insane here look at that,but I'm,[Music],so apparently right now we're walking to,some sort of a very famous UNESCO cave,here in the mountains it's very humid,very hot because now is this everytime,and these steps there's so many of them,the hike certainly wasn't the easiest,but it felt really good to get off our,bike and use our legs for ones plus the,cave certainly didn't disappoint the,cave turned out to be much larger than I,ever expected it to be and was really,beautiful as it featured these large,intricate stalagmites towering all over,the place man this game is incredible,much bigger than I expected much more,you just think that I expect,[Music],the following morning we continued,writing our motorbike across all the aw,inspiring mountains and villages of,northern Vietnam until my princess,Daniela decided to make things a little,bit more interesting film motorbike,rider right here okay we're somewhere,hop in the mountains and apparently we,broke the clutch to the background move,I found the guy who helped me find the,mechanic shop but apparently cannot come,down here they want us to push the bike,up which is probably a 30 minute long,hike up this mountain we'll see what,happens but apparently that's just begun,raining relatively heavily so and then,we started a long hike up the mountain,honestly I certainly didn't think it was,gonna be easy but three minutes later I,realized it's much harder than I,expected,tired already so this bag so heavy with,the bags and everything dude oh the bees,are good at least however having,witnessed how weak I actually was the,niala joined in and together we somehow,made it all the way up in quite a bit,more than 30 minutes,ah how are you feeling like I need a nap,I know yeah I need a shower and food,nice we made it though high five,the guys at the mechanic shop were as,nice as all the locals in the mountains,of Vietnam they dropped literally,everything they were doing fixed our,bike as fast as possible and didn't even,charge us any money what however having,ridden for five minutes we faced another,issue it has just begun raining pretty,heavily so we stopped to put on our,jackets and pants hope maybe we'll get a,positive turn of events somewhere down,the road now everything's going down the,most positive car in the world,on camera,inspired by the Neela's positivity and,of course by that warming kiss I have,back on the bike and continued fighting,it high up in the mountains during crazy,cold rains,[Music],[Laughter],[Music],[Applause],[Music],okay so apparently the weather isn't,necessarily the greatest but the roads,are insane completely out of this world,yes look at that that's probably 20,meters away Thanks that's it it's gone,see god that's it nice there's these,huge huge mountains right there but you,can't really see the tops and then you,should be feeling quite miserable you're,also really grateful for the beautiful,nature around us we continued riding our,bike and stopping every time it got a,little bit too cold the ride has been,pretty miserable but once again we get,to see it views like this on the way so,as with everything you like there's,upsides and downsides this red seems to,have more web sites,what do you recommend I agree a lot more,updates even though our hands look a,little wet a little moist just a tiny,bit you know,[Music],[Applause],[Music],so yesterday was a long night with ends,like there's no tomorrow,[Music],today we woke up super early it's 12,p.m. now and I'm pretty sure today the,rads are gonna be some of the most,beautiful eyes throughout the tribute,kiss we're gonna go to the northernmost,point of Vietnam and now we have to go,cuz they're probably gonna be driving,for six or seven hours initially the,roads were pretty spectacular but,contrary to what we expected,ended up being super muddy however we,persevered and made it to the top no,problems we finally made it,the hills did you see next to us they're,still in Vietnam but there's a tiny tiny,tiny River just behind them and that,basically separates China from Vietnam,so for example details are at Stone,Vietnam but those there in the distance,are already China everywhere you look,all around us right now that's China,basically and I was thinking you'd be,really really cool to get very close to,the border maybe jump in and then jump,out but there may be no one or another,it's a really really nice place very,peaceful very beautiful the north of,Vietnam by the way when we loved the,watchtower we spent a little bit of time,with marring the Magnificent nature,around us and one of the viewpoints the,neela decided to get a better view of,the area by hopping on my back but that,didn't necessarily work out as expected,eventually we once again wrote our bike,even deeper into the mountains until we,came to certainly one of the most,breathtaking view ones of our entire,trip just chillin by the side of the,road my boys from Vietnam,that's road we're taking those are the,rocks we're on and that is the view,there the following morning we have,breakfast at exactly the same location,and apparently I still couldn't stop,being astonished by the mountains around,man this is completely incredible I'm,standing on the road that we are taking,and those are the regular what you have,a huge river here really big green,mountains and clouds everywhere insane,and the road is practically empty spot,one then follow it another really really,really long motorbike ride that got us,so exhausted we decided to take a few,days off to do absolutely nothing but,hug extensively while also catching up,on work when we finally got enough rest,it was time to check out the coolest,waterfall in all of Vietnam half of,which is actually in China apparently it,took as many days to find China but,that bad right there on the other side,of the river is and it's so fun because,I'm sitting here on this tiny wall of,this temple and I can actually see,people on the other side the people who,are in China right now,the Bangkok Waterfall drops over 13,meters and is currently the fourth,largest waterfall in the world that's,along a national border separating,Vietnam from China you can see the,waterfall from a beautiful temple built,on top of a hill or also by actually,getting down to the waterfall itself and,hopping on a tiny raft which is exactly,what we did okay we are finally on the,way to check out the waterfall and we,have our own wrap look those are the,Chinese tourists right there and,apparently they count across to our side,and we can across to their side it's,incredible I'm literally 10 meters away,or 20 meters away some of that but if I,cross to get decided probably goats dip,[Music],[Music],having explored the water flow we once,again hit the road and ended up in this,tiny tiny tiny mountain village where,the yella was making great friends with,a really cute local kids and I well I,decided to show off - read early,football skills,[Music],the next morning were once honey both,work you see the village we slept and,was right next to the largest natural,lake in all of Vietnam called Bobby,haven't been formed approximately 200,million years ago the lake is surrounded,by limestone cliffs which in turn are,covered by primary forests the lake is a,famous biodiversity reservoir that is,home to a large range of animals and,plants it also apparently looks,absolutely spectacular and has quite a,few interesting places to explore we,came to a large cave somewhere here,barold the river is crossing the Cape as,you can swim through the whole cave with,a boat which is pretty interesting and,the ceiling is incredibly high all the,way to there,it's good place quickly we spent another,few hours making our way all around the,lake and eventually got back on our,motorbike for a one final ride in,Vietnam,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],and so apparently the trip is over we're,back to Hanoi 1,500 kilometers done,did you like it at least oh I loved it I,loved it it was amazing was it you,Johnson,Hermes it was amazing huge fantastic,fantastic,spectacu spectacular nificent look,yes we indeed found ourselves in Kuala,Lumpur the capital of Malaysian one of,my favorite cities in the world but this,is where our story took a pretty,unfortunate turn so when we got to Kuala,Lumpur we got talking about a few things,and we have been talking about them for,a while I guess but there just seemed to,be this thing where we both love each,other so much but at the same time it,was sometimes hard to understand each,other or be on the same page with things,we came to the conclusion that it was I,guess mostly because we came from,completely different backgrounds and,completely different upbringings and at,that point we we just came to the,conclusion that that may be the the best,thing to do would be to I guess go our,separate ways and then the niala bought,her flight ticket back home which was,supposed to leave in two and a half days,from then and that was just such a you,know such a sad sad thing,nonetheless we decided to completely,disconnect from the internet forget our,computers our phones everything and,simply spend time together be there for,one another 100% he was literally every,single mili second of those two and a,half days that we had and that time was,just so so so so incredible,[Music],and that's that's it that's when we,separated I will always remember those,those last days and they were so,beautiful and I mean they were so good,that then he I'll even agreed to dance,with me in a public place in the city,center of Kuala Lumpur,[Music],this experience taught me so many things,about myself and relationships in,general and you know other people and,life as well and I guess the most,important thing was the fact that if you,if you left someone you should just love,them unconditionally without thinking,about what you're getting back what,you're giving what you're receiving you,know just just loving them the way they,are and I know it's very easy to say oh,just love someone the way they are but,in reality it's maybe much harder to do,because you know things come up and,there's all these situations and stuff,but Tim but maybe that really is the,answer to all of life's problems you,know just to just loving people the way,they are being there for them supporting,them,whatever happens in,[Music],being there for them 100% and showing,them you care,that being said I guess life goes on and,things happen for a reason maybe,I did,[Music],you